Monday, July 7, 2008

Unusual Plants.......

Castor Bean
My favorite coleus

"Haight Ashbury" hibiscus
Hibiscus(variety unknown)

I decided to take my camera with me to work today since things have slowed down. Except for the potted container(I just threw that in cause it's so pretty) at the top, I think these plants are so unusual.

The Castor bean is poisonous so you wouldn't want it with animals or children around. It's an annual but may reseed. The two pictured hibiscus are not winter hardy. I suppose you could take them inside if planted in a pot.

Finally, I think that coleus is gorgeous. I love to plant it with silvers or whites. Sorry I don't know the name. As you can see, I worked really hard today!!!


Eve said...

I love purple and silvers together. My favorite look was Purple Heart with Dusty Miller. That coleus is georgeous with that silvery plant.

beckie said...

Susie, I was just on your last post when this one popped up. Such a pretty container. It looks so full and colorful. Also those hibiscus are wonderful. I am not a big fan of the regular kinds. I guess they remind me of 'rose of sharon' and I really don't like those. But these 2 types are beautiful. I must find out more about them. Coleus is makig a come back in my garden. I sort of got tired of it a few years ago, but the ones now are so diverse and stunning. What a pretty place to work.

Susie said...


I've never put purple heart and dusty miller together but that would be pretty and low maintenance as well. That silvery plant is a Centaurea. I don't remember the species name(sorry).


I am very fortunate to work in a pretty place. Unfortunately, my paycheck suffers severely. I don't care for that "Rose of Sharon" either but I really do love coleus. I put that in lots of mixed containers.

Anonymous said...

Susie I love that coleus. Of course I'm a big fan of pretty foliage as you well know. Burgundy is one of my favorites. That would look good with something lime colored too such as a hosta or variegated lirope. I like it with the silver too. I bet you spend your paycheck at work! :)