Monday, July 14, 2008

Okay, what's up with these birds?

Recently we bought a new hummingbird feeder and hung it on the corner of our house. We took this old one and put it in a tree in the backyard. A few days later and this is what happened. Little sparrows have decided to give it a try. Now I know their beaks are too big to get into those little holes but they keep trying. It's hysterical!! This has gone on for a few days. Poor things, I hate to confuse them. Funny thing is the hummers won't go near it because it has faded to a brownish color.


Anonymous said...

Well at least your hummingbirds have found your feeder, the only thing that found mine is the ants. :( That is funny about those poor little birds though.

Becky said...

Poor little guy, he is really workin' it isn't he! Alvin saw our little hummer again today and once again he was getting all cozy with our red glass ball in the backyard. HA!!!

Eve said...

Maybe the little thing is just thristy. Has it been hot where you are? We are in the 90s now. The only good thing is living on the Coast, we get a breeze and an afternoon shower.
The rabbits are eating my cantaloupe and I think it has to do with the heat. Usually they are just a bit of a pest but his year, once it hit 90, they started working on my garden. All those nice cool juices in my veggies must be appealing to a hot rabbit.

Susie said...

p.g. I'm sorry all your feeder attracted was ants.

Eve-It's been very hot here. Low to mid 90's. Your are lucky to have that breeze. We just have the humidity.