Friday, July 4, 2008

Early morning yard work........

Butterfly Weed

Throw-away bed

Since I was off for the 4th I decided I needed to do a little yard work. It actually ended up being a lot of yard work. A gardeners work is never done. I put down two bales of pine straw in my front beds, planted several throw-away plants (from work), watered, weeded and put one additional pine straw bale down on this back bed. I was soaking wet when I finished.

My throw-away flower bed is looking a little bit better. Of course, who knows how many plants will live since July isn't typically the ideal planting time. Luckily, it came a good little rain right after I finished. Thank the good Lord above who must of heard my prayers. (I must say, not every plant in my throw-away bed is a throw-away plant. Just most of them).

The blooms of my hibiscus is so pretty I just had to snap a picture of it. I take this plant in every winter and set it back out every spring. Is that crazy or what?


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling your "Throw-Away Flower Bed" will end up being pretty special. Everything is looking good Susie. Healthy and thriving. I don't think you are crazy to drag the hibiscus in every is a pretty shade of pink. Have a safe & happy 4th of July.

Casey said...

I love the pink flower is that a hibiscus?? It is sooo pretty!

Eve said...

When I read your profile, I felt like I was reading mine, We have a lot in common...I love Hibiscus but I just cannot keep one going. My DH just loves them but they always die on me and the said thing is, I am on the Gulf Coast. They grow like weeds for everyone else down here.

Eve said...

I do the same thing in my garden. I have a "hospital" where I put plants that look like they are in trouble or plants that I buy on the discount rack. They stay there until they get well or die. Most live, it is amazing what a little TLC will do.
We had a freeze here, only 31 but it did some damage. I put those tomato and papper plants in my hospital and ever one of them thrived.
That bed looks like a lot of hard work. I start slacking off when gets hot but I am going to bite the bullet today and go see what needs to be harvested.

Becky said...

Gloria's garden is looking GREAT!!! Your hibiscus sure is a pretty shade of pink!

'Nesa said...


Love the new pics, I've saved the hibiscus photo for my new desktop background. You are quite the photo professional!
The throw-away garden is going to be spectacular, especially when those perennials kick it in high gear next spring! Oooooweeeee!!!