Thursday, April 29, 2010


Remember my last post telling about blue bird babies? Well here's a early pic of them. I find it interesting how they are all pointed looking out of the nest. I wonder if that is how mom/dad keeps up with who's been fed?Bless their little hearts. I think there is 5 of the little fuzz balls. This pic is about a week old and mom/dad has been feeding them like crazy. I'll try to capture a newer pic soon.Here's another newbie. I just love these flowers. I wish they would hang around all summer but unfortunately they don't like our heat.This is a new iris bloom this year. I planted these last year and when they were ready to bloom we had a hard frost which killed the blooms but not this year. Yippee!

I hope you all find some newbies in your gardens.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In the Yard

Been out catching a few pics of blooms. I still don't have much blooming just yet.The salvia(hot lips, I think) is blooming and looking good. Arkansas Blue star is opening up. I love this grass. It turns a lovely gold color in the fall.Cheddar pink dianthus blooming. I like to brush against the blooms and smell the sweet aroma.Not sure how many blue bird babies we have in the house. We've been enjoying watching the feeding times.Proud papa.I have to admit I cheated on this pic. We were in Memphis a few weeks ago and I took this pic at Mud Island. I think this is a lilac but I may be wrong. Had a nice fragrance.Then I had a take a pic of this viburnum bloom. Looks like a big ole snowball. No smell but beautiful.

Lots of perennials coming up. Hopefully I will have more blooms to post soon.