Monday, August 31, 2009

Not A lot Going on

I can't believe August will be officially gone tomorrow. This summer has really gone by fast. Right now there isn't much going on around here. I did find this unusual visitor in the garage the other day.I guess this is a moth. He was hanging out on the garage floor. Don't know what his official name is but I'd call him a "camouflage" moth.My hibiscus coccineus is blooming. I grew these from seed earlier this season and they got planted a little late. So I was happy to look out and see them blooming. I have heard them call Texas red star and swamp hibiscus. I have them planted in the birdbath bed but unfortunately they will get too tall there. So I plan on moving them this fall.A couple of weeks ago we had a rainy day that ended up looking like this. This is the same picture just with the camera switched to the sunset setting. And last but definitely not least.Tomorrow is Sept. which is the official month for Ovarian Cancer awareness. I have a sweet blogging friend, Ashley, who has been battling this cancer. She could definitely use your prayers. If you click on her name, you can also visit her blog where you can get to know her.

Well that's about it from my world today. Hope yours is great!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bird Surprises

I have a pot of English ivy that I keep under my patio overhang. It used to be a combination planter but everything died in it but the ivy. There for a while dh and I noticed wrens flying in and out of the pot. I got to looking and it seemed that they were making a nest. But after awhile it didn't look like much so we assumed they went elsewhere. But these little birds are always outside the windows just a singing.

Well yesterday I went outside to water a few potted plants and thought I better water the ivy. I held the hose above the pot and as soon as the water hit the soil out popped these cuties.Is this not the cutest little thing you have ever seen? If you enlarge you can see the downy feathers sticking out.This one didn't look too happy to get his picture taken.

At first when they hopped out I thought what in the world? I had never seen any eggs or nest in this pot.

As soon as they hopped out, here comes mom and dad. Boy were they giving me a fit; bless their little hearts.

Well I went on about my business trying to water my other things and at the same time wondering what I should do. Mom/dad was having a fit their kids were out. So I decided I would capture them and put them back in the pot.

I caught the first one and put him in the pot and of course while looking for the others, he jumped right back out. Our charcoal grill sits right by the pot with a cover over it so I peeked under it and there the others were.

So, I decided to just leave them be especially since I thought mom/dad were going to have a heart attack.

When I went in they seemed to be doing alright. That is when I captured these pics.

Today, they are no where to be seen.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Great Weekend!

This weekend we decided to take hubbies mom/dad to Memphis, TN for a little visit. Luckily we live only about 3 - 4 hours away so its a nice drive.It seems the more we visit this place the more I like it. In this pic is the Pyramid where they use to have big concerts and show. I don't know what takes place in it now.This is the bridge that crosses the MS river from TN into AR. There is always lots of traffic on this bridge.They have these cute little streetcars that they use. Looks like fun to me!Memphis has so much history. I guess that's one reason it's fun to explore. Here's Sun Records studio. This is where Elvis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis got their start.This is the main reason we went to Memphis. Welcome to barbecue heaven. The Rendezvous has the best ribs you can ever put in your mouth. It's a really neat old place that has been around since 1948. We asked someone snap a pic while waiting on our food. Our mouths were pretty much watering at this point!After we ate we drove around to see some of the sights. This is Beale street. Many moons ago this would not have been a safe place to walk around but Memphis is doing a great job revitalizing their downtown. I don't know if anyone has been watching the show "America's Got Talent" but recently they had a group called The Beale Street Flippers. In the middle of this pic(white shorts) you can see two of them here. They had been doing their routine but we missed most of it.The Federal Express Forum is where they host all the big shows and concerts now. Did you know Fed Express is headquartered in Memphis?On the way out of town today I tried capturing a pic of this Fed Express plane. These planes are so large that I love watching them.

We really enjoyed our weekend. The weather was picture perfect. No humidity and very low 80's. If you ever have a chance to go to Memphis, check it out.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend!

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Movie Review

Since I was off from work today I decided I needed a little treat. So, off to the movies I go. What's that? What movie did I see? I ventured in to see "Julie & Julia". Can I just tell you how wonderful it was?

I didn't really know the history behind Julia Child and I had never heard of the book before. Of course there's lots of cooking that goes on and blogging too. But I think the best part was the relationship Julia and her husband had as well as Julie and her husband.

I highly recommend it. Yes, it probably is more of a chick flick but still a great movie.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Little Good News

Today I called the animal rescue to check on the little kitty(pictured from my last post). The good news is she is very much alive and thriving. She said Pebbles(we had to name her before they would take her) had taken to a bottle wonderfully. She said she's a great kitty and very low maintenance. She also said she was going to start her on whole food next week.

Hopefully she will find her a good home. Wish I could have her but dh is very, very allergic.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happenings at Work

I decided to take my camera to work with me this week to see if there was anything blog worthy. We actually have a new mascot at work and here she is.Can you say, "oh my goodness"? or maybe "ick" would be better.We call her Charlotte. She's a good spider to have, loves eating insects and low maintenance. Talking about organic pest control. We think she may be pregnant cause she's gotten quite a bit bigger since she starting hanging out with us. Yesterday I got to watch her tackle a bumble bee in her web. I kid you not, in 5 seconds that bee was completely covered in her webbing. I've never seen anything like that. Actually, it was interesting to watch.Okay, how about something a little more pleasant to look at. Has anyone ever seen a morning glory bush? We sell these at work. It's an annual, blooms during the summer, full sun and grows quite tall. This one is about 6 feet tall.It has these pretty pink/lavender blooms that bees and butterflies like.Okay, I'm aware some of you might not like cats/kittens but how can you not love this little face? She was found stuck in a wall just crying her little eyes out. Unfortunately one of her siblings was lying there dead. Something had happened to the mother. So the guys got this little one out and brought her up front where we all ooohed and awed over her. She was the tiniest thing and was so hungry. She was crying so much. So one of our guys went and got kitten milk and a bottle and we bottle fed her. At first this was not an easy task but then she got the hang of it. After she fed she took a little nap, finally. She was starting to get sleepy here. You can see her little milk moustache. None of us could take her so the animal rescue came and picked her up. They thought she was probably about 2 weeks old. just hope she makes it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Caught Red Handed or should I say, Red Beaked!

Earlier in the season I planted 14 tomato plants and 1 cherry tomato. The big tomato plants have produced nothing but the cherry produced wonderfully and is now like in it's second phase of production. But the other morning I looked out the window and saw a little thief."Hmmm, what do we have here?""I think I need a little closer look. Looks yummy. I definitely need a taste!""I think I'll just take this one, no one will notice."

Maybe this is what happened to my big tomatoes!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just Color

There's hardly anything blooming in the garden so I thought I would take a few close ups of whatever I could find.
I love hibiscus and have 4 that I have to bring in the house every winter. Moving them is a pain due to the large pots they are in but that's okay because they give me this unending color during the summer.This is a "Touch me not" bloom. I have these in several different colors.I'm not really into begonias but this baby has bloomed all summer for me. I love the dainty pink color.And lastly I did find one little verbena bloom in a pot I had planted earlier this season. As soon as I planted it, it just about croaked. I was pleasantly surprised to find it.

Hope everyone's gardens are showing off with lots of color!