Friday, August 14, 2009

Happenings at Work

I decided to take my camera to work with me this week to see if there was anything blog worthy. We actually have a new mascot at work and here she is.Can you say, "oh my goodness"? or maybe "ick" would be better.We call her Charlotte. She's a good spider to have, loves eating insects and low maintenance. Talking about organic pest control. We think she may be pregnant cause she's gotten quite a bit bigger since she starting hanging out with us. Yesterday I got to watch her tackle a bumble bee in her web. I kid you not, in 5 seconds that bee was completely covered in her webbing. I've never seen anything like that. Actually, it was interesting to watch.Okay, how about something a little more pleasant to look at. Has anyone ever seen a morning glory bush? We sell these at work. It's an annual, blooms during the summer, full sun and grows quite tall. This one is about 6 feet tall.It has these pretty pink/lavender blooms that bees and butterflies like.Okay, I'm aware some of you might not like cats/kittens but how can you not love this little face? She was found stuck in a wall just crying her little eyes out. Unfortunately one of her siblings was lying there dead. Something had happened to the mother. So the guys got this little one out and brought her up front where we all ooohed and awed over her. She was the tiniest thing and was so hungry. She was crying so much. So one of our guys went and got kitten milk and a bottle and we bottle fed her. At first this was not an easy task but then she got the hang of it. After she fed she took a little nap, finally. She was starting to get sleepy here. You can see her little milk moustache. None of us could take her so the animal rescue came and picked her up. They thought she was probably about 2 weeks old. just hope she makes it.


George said...

I've never seen a morning glory bush. It looks as if it would be an impressive adddition to a garden. I'm glad you could help with the kitten rescue.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Oh Susie, please tell me that the poor little baby will be OK. This is heartbreakingly sad. I am such a cat lover, and this just makes me cry.

The spider.....well, I will give you the fact that she is low maintenance, but thank goodness she is not a hairy one. I have the phobia, in fact I was thinking just this morning that it is almost the "season of love," when all the great big 8 legged hairy freaks go out there and look for a date. Except some of them get confused and end up in our condo. EEEEEEuuuuuuuwwww.

No looking for love in Jen's place. Stay outside.

Keep us posted on the kitten, I am pulling for her.


Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Susie, what a sad story but I hope the kitten survives. A bottle fed kitten will be very bonded with people.

I've seen morning glory bushes on other blogs but never anywhere near that tall. INteresting and the flowers are certainly pretty.

This time of year I begin to see Charlotte's relatives here in my garden. Altho it isn't easy, I catch them and move them to the pasture. I doesn't seem fair to lure butterflies and bees to the garden and then let a spider prey on them.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Susie, That kitty is precious. Glad you all could save it. I'm sure someone will give it a good home.

That spider is something else. I cringe when I see them---but I'm okay when looking at them in pictures.

The morning glory is gorgeous.

Have a wonderful day.

Dorothy said...

Susie, last year we had one of those garden spiders spin a web right out in front of the kitchen window and it was interesting to watch it catch its prey. It quickly wraps them and saves them until it is hungry. sometimes the struggle of catching it would almost tear the web up but he/she would spin another one in a flash. The kitten is adorable!!

Milah said...

I hope that kitty makes it too! I'll keep my fingers crossed, she sure is sweet.

Leedra said...

Never seen a morning glory bush. I was looking for you to tell us which type spider. Glad you saved the kitten.

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Meadowview Thymes said...

Oh I hope she makes it Susie! How sad--just breaks my heart thinking about the little thing.
I have never heard of that vine, but I sure wish I had one! :)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

The Morning glory bush is so pretty, I've never seen one before.
That sweet kitten is so cute. I sure hope she'll be okay.

Becky said...

That spider is ICKY!!! YUKE!!! The kitty on other hand is adorable. Good thing it wasn't yellow or I would have made a trip to Jackson!!! LUV me some yellow kitty's!!!! I actually LUV all kitty's!!!!

KathyB. said...

Little kittens like this one are hard to raise, so glad she went to rescue, she will probably do well and you know she will get a good home.

Spiders, well, I know they are useful, but they are one of my biggest fears...I try to leave them alone in hopes they will leave me alone!

Terri said...

Oh, poor kitty! Still, I imagine she'll be fine. Someone will foster her, and after you've raised something by hand that way surely you'll want to be sure it has a good home.

We have a spider like that in the garden and I leave her to her work!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Oh wow, Susie! Those are great pictures of Charlotte. I don't think think I've seen one like that ...very photogenic.

The Bush ipomoea in your country doesn't spread like weeds, I think. We have similar looking plants covering fields of low-lying areas and on the fringes of rice fields. The blooms are pretty and look exactly like the ones in your photo.

I hope the kitten least she landed in good hands!

marmee said...

charlotte looks mighty big, susie.
spiders are not my favourite insect but i know they are necessary and very interesting to watch.
i have not ever heard of a morning glory also looks huge.
i am loving my vining morning glories...they really shine while blooming.
that precious baby cat. i hope she will make it and be the little mascot of your work...or somebody might want to take her home.

Daisy said...

Charlotte looks like a good pet to have around. I've never heard of a morning glory bush, but it is very pretty. And I sure hope that little kitty gets a good home. What a sweet little one. Have a good weekend,Susie. :)

Ginger said...

You crack me up with that spider!!

How is your limelight? Mine looks horrible - dropping leaves, no blooms. Help!

Also, do y'all sell any water plants at Garden Works? We're putting in a tiny fish pond and I can't find water plants anywhere!

Hope you're having a good weekend!

Darla said...

I saw some interesting spiders at my SIL house last evening. Love the morning glory bush, not I have not seen one of those. girls would have been begging for that little kitty..I do hope she makes it!

Rose said...

I've never seen a morning glory bush before, either. Spiders are fascinating creatures to watch. I don't mind them a bit--as long as they stay out of my house:)

The kitten is so adorable. It's probably a good thing you took her to the animal rescue; kittens this small need lots of careful attention and frequent feeding to survive. I hope she makes it, too.

Lanny said...

Thanks for sharing about the spider, we are spider fans here on the farm. Ooohh good save on the kitty, she is a sweet little thing. Bottle feeding orphans is not always an easy task.

beckie said...

Susie, we always called these 'educated' spiders. And Charlotte or not, they give me the willies!

The morning glory bush is new to me but looks interesting. I think I will try to find one next year. I love morning glories, but would like one that bloomed all day. :)

Hope the kitten makes it-she had quite a beginning to her little life.

Lou said...

Hi Susie..
True story from 1996,mid May. Some city workers found a bunch of dead kitties and one live one..they brought him to me at the bank and asked if I could keep him while they looked for the such luck.
He had no teeth, only one eye open and was covered with fleas..
I ended up taking him home with me..I'm a cat lover and my other two were Not happy with this inteloper..Peach, my long haired male took this little guy under wing, becoming his surrogate mother. Bruiser/Baby suckled on Peach's long neck hair..Goldie, would only hiss at this little creature.. but soon bonded , the two males were playmates and provided many hours of joy.
Bruiser thrived on kitty food and grew to be 17 lbs..Peach was already that weight..Goldie was small, 12 lbs.Being outdoor cats, in the wild woods, life expectancy is around 7 years. Peach passed away at age 10, Goldie, a rescue, lived to be 17 and Bruiser passed away this past january at a grand old 15!
I now have three rescues, Ballou,BeBe, and Bubba..
more about them another time!

Jen said...

Oh golly--not a dull moment where you work!!
Hope that precious kitty finds a home. So glad you all were able to help it.

Susie said...

Lou that's a great story. Look forward to hearing more about the three "B's".

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Susie, thanks for dropping by my blog. I too love to chat with fellow Mississippi bloggers. I have a son who lives in Madison and 1 that lives in Richland. What part of the Jackson area are you from?
I love the pictures of the kitty. And the spider is amazing. You sure make good pictures.
Stop by and visit again.

Anna Colleen said...

That is a cool and pretty spider. Good work on the kitten! I love kittens they are so cute, one of our week old kittens went missing but thankfully the mom brought it back. Sometimes new mom cats do weird things. I'm glad that you found the kitty, I love tabbies.

jen said...

uhhg!! I hate spiders!! I should have waited to stop by until tomorrow morning!! Now I may have nightmares!! LOL!

That sweet little kitten!! I hope she'll be ok!!


Anonymous said...

That kitten is so cute, its good that you people saved it.

and the Morning glory bush is beautiful too. Its the first time i am seeing it

The Japanese Redneck said...

I raised one that was that young. Be sure to add a few drops of karo syrup to the milk when you feed it. Also, use a soft warm damp cloth and mimic the motion the mother would use in cleaning it's rear. You'll need to do that several times a day. It won't go to the bathroom unless you do.

Good luck with the baby. I'm also a MS blogger. Saw you thru Molly's site.


TC said...

I've never seen nor heard of a mornin glory bush Ms. Susie. What's the botanical name? Is that spider an orb weaver? And what a precious little kitten, I'd have taken it off your hands in a minute!

Susie said...

TC-I'll have to find out the botanical for the morning glory bush. Not sure what kind of spider that is either.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi there, We're home from our 2-day Hendersonville adventure. The plumbing is fixed and the folks are happy (I hope).

Hope you had a good day!!!


Jacquie said...

"That's SOME spider!"

Pebbles is SO cute. How sad that the other little kitty didn't make it.

Anonymous said...

simply beautifully captured shots!

Urban Green said...

The pictures are really nice. Love the lavender blooms...