Thursday, March 25, 2010

Looking for Color

I was out in the yard today looking for an signs of color but didn't find much. But I have to show you one thing that excited me. Last summer a friend gave me a trillium to plant. I was so happy to have it because it reminds me of all the trilliums in the Smokey mountains.(one of my favorite places to visit).

The other day he came by the nursery and asked me if it had come out. I told him I had not seen it yet.But today, not only had it come back and brought it's sister but it was getting ready to bloom.For me, this is exciting! Love seeing new things bloom. Unfortunately I don't know which variety this is.I also had a few blooms on my Japanese magnolia. As summer ended last year it looked pretty tough. I thought it was on it's way out; but another surprise!And then I also noticed some of my ground phlox blooming. I have two little patches of this plant. I like this one because it's such low maintenance. It's only drawback is it blooms now and then is a little evergreen ground cover for the rest of the year.

With these few blooms and some warmer temps it definitely feels like spring now. Yippee!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

If You Get It They Will Come

Don't you just love it when you get something new and it actually works!?!?! With all the finches we've been having I went out and got a new hanger and thistle feeder.It hadn't been up more than 5 minutes and I looked out and caught the first visitor.Then a few more decide to check it out. Then they were basically fighting over it! The bad thing about the feeder is it only has two perches.The little guy on the top decided to just wait out his turn. Doesn't he have good manners?! What amazes me is how do these little guys know that this seed is only for them?!?! And, none of the other birds even go near it. I'm sure you that feed the bird have observed this as well.

Well whatever the reason we've enjoyed watching them feed.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Trip to Bountiful

Earlier in the week we had decided to take my hubbies parents on a little day trip to where my mother-in-law had been born and raised. So this past Saturday, off we went. I called it taking a Trip to Bountiful. In case you are wondering why, Trip to Bountiful is a movie about an elderly lady who lives with her son and his wife. She wants to return to her home of Bountiful but he doesn't want to take her. So she decides to go herself. Here's a little snippet of the movie from when she arrives at her old homestead.

Of course, we had to visit a couple of cemeteries. This is a grave site for her brother who drowned when he was a baby.She lived in this house when she was a tiny baby. How neat that it is still standing.I know this doesn't look like much but it's a homestead where she spent much time at. I believe it was an uncle's home. Most of the home had fallen in but you can make out the chimney stack and part of a wall. Daffodils seem to be always a sign of an old homestead. She wished she had brought something along to dig up a few of these. We considered trying to pull up some but figured they would just tear off.The end of a beautiful day. I couldn't help but try to get a pic of the setting sun across the lake.

It was lots of fun hearing and seeing things that were important to her and I got to learn a few more things about my mother-in-law.

I've gotten to take a couple of trips to bountiful myself. One of my favorite places is my grandparents home where I spent many countless hours as a child.

I surely hope you get to take your "trip to bountiful" sometime. It's fun to go back and open doors in our minds to memories that are waiting there to be remembered again.