Friday, July 25, 2008

Pretty in Pink and Purple

"Sour Grapes" Penstemon
Cherry lantana(Bandana series)

I took my camera with me to work yesterday to see if anything looked good. Well all these pinks/purple looked pretty good so I thought they were blog-worthy.


beckie said...

Susie, a girl after my own heart! I love pinks and purples. Even in the heat of summer they look good. Lovely pics. Thanks for sharing!

Perennial Gardener said...

Lovely pinks and purples Susie. Your blog post would be a great contrast to mine today. lol Yellow and purple are my favorite combination! :)

Eve said...

You can't go wrong with Lantana. It is the perfect plant, well it would be if it smelled a little better.

Becky said...

Your flowers look so pretty. Love the colors, they are so vibrant! Sorry I didn't call you back today. In the middle of decorating for the wedding. Talk to you tomorrow. Luv ya becjane

Susie said...

Beckie, I remember you said you liked pinks/purples. I thought about calling this post "Beckie, this is for you". Glad you enjoyed the colors.

p.g. You're right, our posts together would make a great combination.

Eve-The lantana is great for our areas but it does have a smell that isn't all too great!

Beck-I figured you were busy. Hope the wedding goes great!