Saturday, June 21, 2008

Update from the garden.........

Abundant tomatoes
Tequila red peppers
Cucumbers are growing
Lemon Boy tomatoes
Roma tomatoes(non-Salmonella variety)

My garden is doing great! While we were gone David's mom/dad watered it for us. The Roma produce so fast and the Lemon Boy tomatoes are so delicious. I have yet to eat one of the red peppers but they look wonderful! I wasn't sure how the cucumbers would do growing up a trellis and seemed to be a bit slow at producing but now are looking much better. Now my zucchini are very problematic. They are not doing anything but just sitting there. I guess they will either die or start growing.


Anonymous said...

Your veggies look hugh! I didn't set out veggies this year. I've planted them in hugh pots in the past few years. I'm going to make a veggie raised bed this fall. I'm looking for the perfect spot in my backyard that gets enough sun.

Becky said...

You lemon boys look yummo!! Wish I had one for dinner tonight!