Tuesday, June 17, 2008

4th day at sea

Typical breakfast (not)!!!
Breakfast table view
Beautiful day at sea
Back of the ship
The morning of the 4th day brought us a beautiful, sunny morning. I wish I could say all I had for breakfast every morning was whats in the picture but that wouldn't be quite true. I had probably already eaten, eggs, bacon, oatmeal and who knows what else. Their fruit was delicious though except for that papaya. I have always wanted to try it and finally did. I thought it tasted like an old shoe. David thought it had no taste.
We had a great day out by the pools. For dinner we both tried pasta with rabbit as an appetizer and main course was for me veal chop and David had Turbot(fish). Tiramisu was the dessert of the night. YUM!

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