Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 5 at San Juan, Puerto Rico

Old Town San Juan
Copper plant
City park
Front of ship
Sail-away party

The ship docked in old town San Juan. The weather was gorgeous, hot and humid. After exercising on ship we had a great breakfast and got ready to head out. Three ships were docked in San Juan so the streets were crowded. They were also having some sort of festival in town as well which added to the congestion.
As we walked around town there were many noticeable smells. It reminded me so much of New Orleans; lots of shops and restaurants. We came across Cafe Mallorca. This little cafe was featured on the Food Network under Rachel Ray's Tasty Travels. We decided to get a couple of pastries and eat them in the park. They were wonderful!!
Once we got back to the ship and had lunch we decided to go to the pool. Of course, it clouded up. Later on we decided that we would forgo dinner in dining room and eat burgers outside and watch the Movie Under the Stars. They did this every night and this night Atonement was showing. Well this movie bored us. We decided to have dinner in buffet. They had Barvarian night. The food was pretty good and the pretzels were wonderful! They also had expresso cheesecake which was fabulous! Later on we had a party out on deck which was loads of fun!

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