Thursday, June 19, 2008

Morning of disembarkation

Statue of Liberty/Staten Island Ferry
Lady of Liberty Tip of Manhattan
Hello New York

The morning of disembarkation brings many different feelings. We had a great time and are sad to leave. But at the same time since we have to we might as well get it and go. We rose at 5:45 so we could see us come into New York Harbor. The temp was a pleasant 72 degrees and just a beautiful morning. We ate breakfast and stayed in our cabin til 8:00. Then we ventured out on deck to wait for our call. We left the ship about 9:00.


Becky said...

I'm glad you guys are back home safe and sound. Now when are you coming home so we can go to the lake??????

Becky said...

You've been tagged!!!!

Kay said...

I took the same pic from the cruise ship. I've lived in NY all my life and worked in lower Manhattan over 40 years and coud look at the Statue of Liberty and SI Ferry any number of times a day but still find this to be an awesome sight