Wednesday, June 18, 2008

6th day at sea

Magen's Bay in St. Thomas
Hill top view
Catching some rays
Enjoying the water

The sixth morning brought us to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. This is a hilly, beautiful island. It was 77 degrees with a high expected to be 81. We have been here before and loved it so off to Magens Bay we went. St. Thomas has replaced regular taxis with what looks similar to safari trucks. This can be kindy of scary riding over the hilltops on their skinny roads with nothing between you and the cliff side. The water was a little chilly but okay after you got into it. We snorkled a little but there isn't much to see in terms of fish. However we were treated to the greatest bird show. They had some type of sea birds, larger than gulls, but smaller than pelicans that put on the best show. They would hoover high above the water looking for fish then fold their wings back and dive. I tried to get a pic of this but couldn't time it right. The birds did this over and over. It was so entertaining!! Everyone would just stop what they were doing to watch. Even the pelican tried doing it but made such a big splash that it probably scared the fish off. Luckily it was beautiful and sunny the whole time we were there.

After a while it was time to return to the ship. Lucky us, we got to ride in the cab of the safari truck taxi. Okay, can I just say how scary that was. We didn't think the truck was going to make it over the hills. The driver saw I was trying to take a couple of pictures so he pulled over to the side of the road so I could. The poor people in the back probably thought they were going to go over the cliff for sure. Because you see, there really wasn't any side of the road to pull off on. I'm really glad we were in the cab. But I was really glad when we made it back to the ship.

Of course, later that afternoon it began to rain. We tried to sit out by the pool but that didn't happen. Funny thing is, it seemed to be sunny over the whole island except where the ship was.

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