Sunday, June 15, 2008

3rd Day at Sea

Docked in Bermuda
Front street
Front street
Looking out from Front street

Third day at sea brought us to Bermuda. I thought this island was beautiful! We docked out in West-end which meant we had to take either taxi, bus or water taxi into town(Hamilton). We decided to take the water taxi and then another mode of transportation to return to the ship.

When we got off the ship we learned you had to buy tokens for the transportation. So we got in line and purchased two round trip coins and proceeded to stand in line for the boat. Well there was this little older couple in front of us waiting as well. When it came time to board the boat the little couple didn't put their money in the container. The young man standing there told them to pay their money but the older man just kept on walking. He said he was with the ship and didn't need to pay the money. The young man kept saying he needed to pay but they didn't. They just kept on walking up the stairs and rode for free. I'm sorry, but I just don't understand people. It was clearly marked you had to pay to ride.

Now you know, it's no wonder so many different countries don't like Americans.

Anyway, back to Bermuda. We loved the water taxi ride into town. The town was very nice. A little hilly but so colorful. There were shops everywhere and restaurants on every corner. And yes, we did see some business men with Bermuda shorts on.

When we were ready to leave Hamilton we decided to take the city bus back to West-End. We were so glad we did. We took Route 7 which took us out by all the beaches. All-in-all, the ride took 55 minutes but we saw so much of the countryside. The houses there are painted colors of the rainbow. Not to mention all the beautiful vegetation. Speaking of vegetation, they had pansies growing in June. This was a shocker. Plus they had beautiful hibiscus hedges and firecracker grass.
One other thing I have to mention we saw while in town. A lady pulled up to a red light on a moped with her little one that couldn't have been over 2 years of age. The child was bungee corded to the moped. Luckily she did have a helmet on. Obviously they have a little looser restrictions than we do.
But mostly when I think back on Bermuda I will always remember the colors.

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Becky said...

Oh my goodness! Bermuda is a beautiful place. I love all the different colors!