Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Flowers, flowers everywhere

Marigolds (Yes, I know they stink)
Dreamland Zinnia

Gomphrena (Globe Amaranth)


Mexican Petunia

Angelonia (Summer Snapdragon)

Knock out rose
Periwinkle or Vinca
More lantana
One of the most popular questions I get working in the nursery is which plants are the best for this summer heat. In my opinion, the above listed plants work best. Of course, some customers don't care much for some of these. I'm just a believer in using what works.
I'm very much aware I have a rose listed. I never really tried growing roses before until I bought the Knock-Out rose. It is mildew and pest resistant. Blooms beautifully with at least 5 hours of sunshine. It doesn't have that great rose smell like the old fashion kind but I like it.
I know lots of people don't like the smell of Marigolds much either. But they perform well and are great planted around veggies to help keep bugs out.
Please note these are mostly annuals. There are some great perennials out there as well. Maybe I will cover that another time.

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Becky said...

The Mexican Petunia is my favorite. Soooo pretty!