Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Whimisical!!!

Okay, before I even begin my next post I have to tell you what I did last night. The older I get the more stupider(I know that isn't even a word) I get. Last night I was just having a great blogging time catching up reading everyone's post and then I decided I needed to change a blog site on my blog roll list. Okay, here's the stupid part. I accidentally deleted my entire blog roll list. Don't ask me how I did it, I just did. Boy, you talking about lots of work putting all that back on my blog. All I can say is, "be careful".

Okay, now that I have gotten that off my chest, here's the latest.....

Over the last couple of weeks I have bought a couple more whimsicals for the garden. Since I didn't have any wind chimes I decided I needed some. These have a real soft tone that I really like. And with the hurricane headed this way, they are getting a good workout today.

I had stated in an earlier post, I love fairies, angels, cherubs and I love this one. It had listed for $45.00 dollars and I got it at a steal for $7.00. Actually, one of it's little wings had broken off and they glued it back on. You can't even tell.
The problem is I don't want to put it outside. But if I keep it inside I'm not sure where I will put it. Or I need to find a plant stand and place it in a flower bed.
And I just couldn't resist this sign. Yes, another buy from work but to me it just says it all!


Anonymous said...

First off, no one thinks you're a dummy. I almost did the same thing a month ago. It could happen to anyone. Great finds Susie! I love that sign. 'Gardening just another day at the plant'. LOL Too cute! I've never seen chimes like those. Very interesting. The cherub, great deal!

DP Nguyen said...

I love the sign at the end, lol. Very cute!! Sorry about deleting your blog roll, it could happen to anyone. And I love the little cherubs, they always remind me of what I think Cupid might look like! My check books are all baby angels, so I just love them!

flydragon said...

I love whimsy in the garden, too. So neat to be looking through the garden at the flowers and then finding a little creature or cherub hiding beneath the foliage or lurking in the corner.

beckie said...

Susie, don't feel bad, it can happen to anyone! Like you new whimsys. I would love a wind chime, but they don't last long here in the winds we get. The sounds can be wonderfully soothing. Your cherub was a steal! And I'm sure the broken wing only adds to it's character. Be careful with the coming storm.

Susie said...

P.G.-I just hate doing "stupid" things. I know we all do them, sometimes I just feel like I do way toooooo many!

D.P.-Little cherubs are cute and angels and I guess I like basically anything with wings.

flydragon-I think every garden needs some whimsy. It does add something to it.

Beckie-Sorry you can't have a windchime. I love their little notes. The storm has been upon us since late yesterday. It's a little windy and has been raining for hours. It's like a misty rain, soft and steady but lots of it.

Meadowview Thymes said...

I love wind chimes! I found one for my sister for her birthday with crosses on it. (I really would like one for myself too!)
And..I LOVE the sign!
JD was singing "This Old Guitar" as I read your post!" I so enjoy your music!!
PS--don't feel bad. If you just knew the things I have done! :)

Susie said...

Meadowview-A windchime with crosses on it sounds lovely. You should go ahead and buy yourself one or you'll be kicking yourself later.

I'm glad you enjoy my music. Maybe I need to add some more JD. There is lots to choose from on Playlist.

Beth said...

What a steal on the angel/cherub - $7.00! I like it.

Susie said...

Yes Beth, I couldn't pass that deal up!