Friday, August 29, 2008

Happenings in the Garden.......

Today I brought home some more plants that were being tossed at work. I brought home a couple of Gaura, a Mexican hat, one Caryopteris(bluebeard) and an unknown rose bush that I think is a pink Knock-out. Well, while I was out there digging, you know I had the camera ready(just in case). Nothing really caught my eye while working. While I was cleaning up I checked out my other bluebeard and noticed a big bumble bee on it. I thought well that would make a good photo. So I got the camera ready, bent down on my knees and Oh, My Goodness, this is what I saw.......
Poor little thing! I never even saw Mr. Big, Bad spider. (If you left click the photo, you'll get a good view). After this frightening moment, I looked up at my Keepsake garden and noticed my Turk's Cap blooming. This is one of those plants that I had given up on. I planted it last year when this bed didn't really exist. It probably didn't show up until very late June or early July. This plant also comes in a very vivid red.

My last little butterfly left the cocoon the other day. These are a couple of pictures of him before he said goodbye. He was a real beauty.

The last thing I wanted to show was my lovely new trellis. My moonflower vine is growing up it. Just think, it's 100% organic, the vine seems to be enjoying itself and best of all, it was free! I took this vine home from work several weeks ago knowing I had no trellis to put it on. Sometimes, a girl just has to do what a girl has to do. Have a great and safe weekend everyone!


TC said...

That is one wicked looking spider! You took a great photo too. I wonder if it's poisonous?

Nice trellis too. ;~)

Anonymous said...

Great shot Suzy. Poor bumblebee never had a chance. That spider just blends in with the foliage. Great butterfly pictures too. Sometimes a vine just needs somewhere to grow & that tree seems to be serving that purpose.

beckie said...

Susie, you are really taking great pictures. Ugh!! Spiders! I love the butterfly- a swallowtail something? And why not use the tree as a trellis. I'm sure it won't harm it and the vine looks very happy. Maybe you will get a white moonflower and not a blue morning glory. :)

DP Nguyen said...

Wow, that poor bumblebee. that little spider is vicious! I never knew spiders could camouflage like that. Crazy. I think its great that vine found its proper home!

I love how you get to save plants that are about to be thrown away. You give them a happy home :-)

Anonymous said...

That spider and bee picture was amazing. Scary looking spider, but an amazing picture. I have never seen a spider that big up here. I felt a bit sorry for the bee.

The butterfly was a real beauty! Bittersweet that they have to fly off, but that is nature.

The rest of your shots were just great. I so enjoy seeing the magic of your garden.

flydragon said...

Once again your pictures are terrific. Love that bee/spider shot. It's hard to tell where the bee ends and the spider begins.
Love your homemade trellis!!

marmee said...

of course you are at it again saving the unwanted plants of the world. and now spiders too! haha what a weird surprise. hope your new babies make it. what will that vine do? will it bloom?

Susie said...

TC-Thanks for visiting my blog. I don't know if he's poisonous or not but he is one mean looking little spider.

PG-Poor little bumble bee but I guess that's the way the food chain goes. You know I wouldn't put too many vines on a tree but I know that particular one won't hurt it.

Beckie-Thanks for thinking my photos are great. I read on someones blog that they use their macro setting which I tried and I love it. It really allows for up close shots.

DP-Yes, that spider has lots of camouflage. I'd die if I had accidentally touched him. I know there are lots of beneficial spiders but I really dislike them.

Eileen-Thanks for calling my garden magical. I really wish it was. I actually only have 3 fairly good size beds and then just a few plantings here and there. I have lots of plans but not a lot of energy. I wish the butterflies would hang around but I guess they have to go off and explore.

Flydragon-oooooh, you are right. That spider goes right down into my poor little bee. You like the way I said "my". I guess I consider all insects in my yard "mine".

marmee-Personally I would have liked to have rescued the bee but it was too late. I know some spiders are beneficial but he's pretty mean looking.

The vine is an annual and produces beautiful, white flowers in the evening. They also have a lovely fragrance. When the frost comes it will go bye, bye and then I will tear it down from the tree.

Eve said...

You use what you have. I let a rose go up a telephone pole one time. It looked great. Hard to pick a boquet though. lOL

I have never planted a Turk's head. It looks like a plant I would love.

You can keep your spiders and snakes. I must prefer butterflies and ladybugs or even red worms.

I am amazed at how a plant can bounce back with a little care. We look behind the building in nursery dumpsters, and find things they have thrown out. Some of them will live very nicely.

Susie said...

Eve-I guess it would be hard to cut a bouquet off of a telephone pole.

That's a great idea to check nurseries dumpsters. We throw lots of plant materials in ours. That's why I try to save as much as I can. I hate it when they end up in the dumpster.