Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Caterpillar surprises!!!

A few days ago I was walking out in my garden and noticed my parsley looking a bit sparse. Upon closer examination I found these little guys. They were having a great time enjoying a lovely parsley salad.
I must of counted six or seven just chowing down. Over the next day or two I noticed them vacating the premises. Luckily I found them hanging around here and there.
This little guy didn't do a very job disguising himself. He attached himself to the side of my house.
This one decided on my Iochroma. Can't say that I blame him. It has lovely rose colored flowers.
This one decided upon my Caryopteris. Another good choice. So far, the two on the plants are "hanging" in there. The poor little guy on the brick, well lets just say he must of been tasty. I really hate that. I'm going to keep watch on these little guys and see how it goes.


flydragon said...

Wow, such a lot of caterpillars!! I hardly ever see them in my gardens. Maybe I don't have anything they like to eat, or maybe I'm just not looking close enough. I think I'll go crawling through the plants and see what I can find.

Susie said...

Flydragon-Good luck on your search!

Becky said...

Hey sis, can't wait to see all the beautiful butterflys that surely will be flitting (is that a word) around in your garden!

Meadowview Thymes said...

That's what I'm watching for! I hope you have lots of butterflies! I just don't see many this year. Last year not many bees--this year no butterflies! What is going on??

Susie said...

Meadowview-I know what you mean. I haven't had too many butterflies this year. Maybe these babies will help populate my yard. Actually, I've only seen a few bees in my yard as well. I don't know what's going on.

beckie said...

Susie, how exciting! Now if I only new what kind of catepillar likes parsely. They will be interesting to watch and see.

Anonymous said...

Wow! How exciting! You should be getting some beautiful butterflies from those guys. I know some people plant parsley in their butterfly gardens just for the caterpillars to enjoy!

Eve said...

My parsley didn't attrack anything this year. I think by putting my herbs on the back porch and in the raised bed, they are not bothered by pests as much..just birds. : )
I wouldn't mind caterpillars.

Kerri said...

Hi Susie, thanks for stopping by and saying hello :) You certainly have a nice crop of Black Swallowtails coming up (hopefully they'll make it through). I must go and check my parsely.
I love those profusion zinnias and have been meaning to plant some. Maybe next spring. you have some pretty summer blooms.
I received the 'cross that holds us together' in an e-mail. Yes, it's neat, isn't it? :)

Susie said...

Beckie-Black swallowtail caterpillars love parsley and fennel as well.

P.G.-I'm going to try to catch when the coccoons begin to open but that will probably difficult to catch.

Eve-I didn't really plant parsley to attract those babies they just seem to find it easily.

Kerri-Thanks for your nice comments. Hopefully, I will have lots of butterflies.