Friday, September 12, 2008

Fascinating Plants

I took my camera to work this week just to see what I might find photo-worthy. We are in-between seasons so it's kind of hard but I did manage to find these. They are all growing in our bed out by the road.

I had never seen this plant before I started working here. This is a Candelabra tree(Cassia alata). It is an annual in our zone. It can grow 8-10' T in our growing season. It's a fantastic specimen. People pull in off the street just to find out what it is.

Next is an Angel Trumpet(Brugsmania), not to be confused with Datura. The winter usually determines whether this plant will return or not. It comes in pink, yellow, and white. The Datura also comes in a lavender. How can you tell them apart? Brugsmania blooms hang down and their seed pods are round and smooth. Datura blooms almost stand upward to outward. Their seed pods are round and prickly. Both are poisonous.

A couple of months ago I had a post regarding Coral vine. I received several comments saying this vine wasn't well known. At the time, mine was just a little baby and unfortunately still is. So, I feel fortunate enough to show you this one from work. It has beautiful little pinkish blooms but as you can see it comes in white as well. It grows up to 15 feet in length. Sorry but it will disappear when the frost comes. I'm not sure if it is classified as annual or perennial but this one did return this year.

I hope you enjoyed getting familiar with these plants. If you are looking for something a little different for your garden next year maybe you should give one of these a try.


Anonymous said...

Love the Angel's Trumpets. That is exactly what they look like. What a beautiful thought.

I am learning so much from you about plant and getting ideas for my yard, next season.

Thank you for showing me such beauty.

Eve said...

My SIL gave me some cuttings from her trumpet. I cut it in pieces and everyone of them rooted. So, I am planting it outside next to a trellis and let it get a good start before Winter and pray it comes back in the spring. I love it. I love the yellow plants at the top of your post.

Susie said...

Eileen-Aren't Angel Trumpets gorgeous! I love those big blooms. The colors are so soft.

Eve-A customer told one of our girls that he cuts his up and does the same thing. I would imagine yours will come back. Keep safe and watch out for Ike. He's probably blowing ya'll around a little.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful plants Susie. I like seeing things I've never grown before. Those yellow candles are really striking and I love the Coral Vine. I might have to consider that one for my garden. I really like the white version. Thanks for sharing! :)

Susie said...

PGL-I really like different looking plants. The candelabra is neat looking! I wish my coral vine had done better. I'm not sure what went wrong with it. It really isn't much bigger than when I planted it.

Kanak Hagjer said...

I remember seeing Angel's Trumpets photos in some blog and I thought the daturas were looking nice. Now I know the difference. Thanks.
Very pretty flowers, Susie. loved the coral vine blooms too!

Meadowview Thymes said...

Wow--those are really pretty plants Susie. Thanks for taking us to work with you.
FYI-I responded to your comment on my blog, but so you will know...we are fine here in Dallas. The storm is enough east of us to not cause too many problems (so they say!)
Thanks for asking!!

flydragon said...

Hi Susie,
I love the Angel's Trumpets too, but have never tried them here. I have started daturas from seed. The double yellow and the single and double purples. I have some pretty good pictures of them that I'll have to post one of these days. Thanks for the info on some of the other ones that I have never heard of. Always like to get ideas on some new plants to try.

Becky said...

Hey Sis: WOW! Those are some beautiful plants. Mine look all poopy right now! Hope you and Davy Baby are having a fun time!

marmee said...

what a fun place to work and see so many flora. do you have any of these things in your garden? besides the baby vine.

beckie said...

Susie, I love the candelabra tree. What an exotic looking plant. I would love to have one in my garden even if it's an annual. The coral vines are also pretty. Such delicate looking blooms. Thanks for sharing some unusual plants.

DP Nguyen said...

How very interesting. I like the angel's trumpets. What an great looking plant. I am getting fun ideas for landscaping next year.

Susie said...

Kanak-I'm glad you enjoyed the blooms. Now, if they were only growing in my yard!!! Of course, the coral vine is but I can't really say it's "growing".

Meadowview-I'm glad you enjoyed visiting me at work. And I'm really glad Ike didn't harm you.

Flydragon-I look forward to seeing your Daturas. I have grown the double lavender before.

Marmee-I don't have these plants in my yard. I took some seed from the Candelabra tree last year but they didn't come up.

Beckie-You should get a Candelabra. We sold them in late spring. They come into the nursery about 6-8 inches tall and get this big in one growing season.

DP-The Angel trumpets are neat plants. Give them a try and see how you like them.

King Tom said...

The Angel's Trumpets are absolutely beautiful.

Having just read your comments I can see I'm only repeating what has already been said many times!

They don't make noises like a trumpet though do they? I'm not a fan of the instrument.

Oh well.

Susie said...

King Tom-A trumpet solo maybe not but I think a trumpet adds a certain value to a symphony orchestra. Just like the Angel trumpet, I believe it adds value(in terms of beauty) to a flower bed.

Thanks for your comments and visiting my site.

Miss Sandy said...

Stunning plants! How fun to work in a nursery! It must be great to do the thing you love the best and get paid for it.