Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Suggestions wanted

Recently we purchased a wonderful bird feeder for the backyard. The problem is, the birds must not think it so wonderful. We had it on a Shepherd's hook and nothing happened so now it is hanging from a tree. Still it keeps getting snubbed. So, who has the solution. We have trees in the neighbors yard, we have a bird bath that they seem to enjoy. We have colorful flowers planted. Anyone have any ideas?


Becky said...

Hey Sis, I have no clue. A couple of years ago we hung a finch feeder on a lower branch of a tree. No response. We hung it higher in a larger tree and still no response. I think our birds are afraid of "Bosco The Great"! HA! Luv ya becjane

Cortney said...

Why don't you try putting out some brownies or cookies OR some of Grandma's dressing instead of the birdfeed?

No, wait...that would probably only attract big, fat pregnant girls like me!!!