Thursday, May 15, 2008

After the Storm

We got up this a.m. with thunderstorms and heavy rain. Our backyard literally had a river running through it. I just knew my vegetables would be showing up on some neighbors plate because they had done floated on down the road(Smile). I also thought I might get a call telling me not to come to work but that didn't happen. Can you believe people actually shop in torrential down pours? This would be okay if they were shopping inside. They bring their umbrellas and stand there letting us do all the plant gathering in the rain.(Please don't take offense if this is you). Then we also got a truck in we had to unload. We all looked like drowned rats when we were through. It rained for hours and we were under a flash flood warning. But luckily by noon it was done and the sun started to shine.

We had a beautiful sunset this evening but I didn't really catch much of the beauty, just the peacefulness of it all.


Becky said...

I'm sure glad your veggies didn't float away. HA! Luv ya bec

'Nesa said...

Yes, I remember that day well. When the sun came out, it was like being in the steamer!