Friday, March 27, 2009

Well that was fun........not!!!

There's nothing like receiving a phone call at 12:15 a.m. telling you a tornado is headed your way. That's what happened to us Wednesday night. My in-laws have a weather radio that warns you when violent weather is in your area so she is the party that called.

At first it's like okay and then the senses kick in telling you to get your lazy self out of bed and into your "safe room". Our safe room happens to be our laundry room. Immediately I start grabbing pillows and blankets and anything else I can think of. My hubbie immediately turns on the t.v. to check the progress. The next thing you know, the power goes out. Since we live out here in the "country" we know it won't be back on for who knows how long. He grabs a flashlight and I go in search of the trusty candle.

I'd say we stayed up until about 1:00 watching the storm. After we thought it had passed back to bed we go of course with our hearts beating at an abnormally faster pace. So Mr. Sleep doesn't come as fast as we would like.

When it's time to get up that's when you realize how import electricity is. It's tough trying to get ready for work in the dark. After hubbie left I looked out the window and noticed how beautiful everything looked. I loved the way Mr. Sun was waking everything up.The privet looks limey green.The mighty oak looks a little softer with Mr. Sun waking up his sleepy leaves.The tall bloom of the foxglove is smiling in the warmth. This picture was taken thru the window. Same picture taken from outside.

We had storms again last night. Luckily the power stayed on.

I hope everyone has a great gardening weekend and please remember to pray for those folks in Fargo, ND. I have a blogger friend up there and it looks pretty bad.


Anonymous said...

So glad you all are safe Susie. I have been following the situation in ND also. Remembering those folks in prayer at this time especially. Blessings to you this weekend.

Darla said...

Okay Susie Q, you know your weather is now here in North Florida righr? We got the old watch box posted for threatening conditions. Although I sure was glad to see some rain around here. So grateful you and yours are safe, your yard looks wonderful and prayers for those in ND>

Thistledew Farm said...

Susie, don't you just love the way things look after a storm?....must be part of God's plan with the rainbow thing. I am glad you are safe and pray for those in ND.

Becky said...

I didn't call yesterday because had told me you guys were find.

Your bed looks gorgeous! Welcome back Mr. Green!

Carol said...

Hi Susie!
So glad to hear you guys made it through the storms safely. We had severe weather here in Oklahoma a few nights ago. Now we're expecting a spring snow storm!
Have a great weekend!

beckie said...

When I saw the weather map this morning, I was wondering about you. Looks like it was a rough couple of nights! Glad you are okay. Fargo and surrounding area are really getting the stroms, snow and flooding aren't they? Saw pictures of the Red River(I think) at it's highest ever.

Deb said...

Glad you made it through safely, they had tornado up close to Oklahoma last night, your yard looks great, love the angel

deedee said...

I thought of you when I saw Mississippi - tornado on the news. So glad you are ok! Oh those poor people in ND :(

Roses and Lilacs said...

We get most of our bad storms in May and June but it seems a tornado can strike anywhere in any season. That means a lot of lost sleep soon.

Elise said...

Tornados are so scary. I'm glad you're ok. Last fall we were with-out electricity for 5 days due to a wind storm. I hope you get yours back soon.

Milah said...

We have not had any really serious storms yet....I hope mother nature gives us a break this spring. I'm glad you were spared...and it looks like your plants took it all in stride.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Thank God it wasn't so bad Susie. There's plenty of green in your photos. Refreshing-- and your angel's so cute. Great shot of the oak tree too.

Tangerine Kitty said...

Beautiful yard photos....

Glad you are okay, I don't like storms.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Since I've "met" so many garden bloggers I now really pay even more attention to the weather on the news. I saw that there were tornadoes in Mississippi and I was hoping no one was affected by them. I'm glad you made it through okay. When I was 9 we lived in St. Louis for a year and I remember those scary sirens going off and all heading down to the basement. I hope the people of Fargo will be okay!

flydragon said...

When I was watching the weather channel, I was wondering what part of Mississippi you lived in. Glad it wasn't any worse than it was!!! Before I started blogging, I was just mostly worried about mine and my kids weather. Now I have a whole lot more people to think about:))

marmee said...

so glad you made it thru safely.
looks like your yard made it thru fine too. weather can be devastating.

Lanny said...

This spring has some pretty wild weather for a lot of people doesn't it? Ours isn't wild, it has just taken a huge bite out of our budget.

Dirt Princess said...

Susie, I am glad everyone is ok. We got 8-12" here is Mobile OVERNIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Unreal. Thank goodness we didn't have any tornadoes too close. It is supposed to continure to rain throughout the weekend so stay high and dry :)

Jacquie said...

Glad y'all are safe and sound. I KNOW what it's like to be without power after the January ice storm!!!

I LOVE the day after storms - it's just beautiful!!

Becca's Dirt said...

I understand the bad weather. Glad all are ok. We have had rough weather also since Wed. Tonight will be another round of thunderstorms. In Citronelle we had 12 inches of rain last night.

Jen said...

Seems like those things always hit at dark. Glad it passed by you and you guys are okay.
I can't pray enough for those folks in Fargo-just horrible!

Susie said...

Thanks Mildred-We are actually due for storms again tonight. Can you believe it?

Darla-Sorry you got my bad weather. Hope you are okay. Thanks for your prayers for those ND folks.

Melissa-Yes, I love the way things look after a storm. Everything is so refreshed and clean.

Thanks Sissy!!

Carol-Snow, oh my goodness. I hope you don't have too much!

Thanks for thinking of me Beckie. Those folks up north have a big mess on their hands. I sure feel for them.

Thanks Deb-OK does get some pretty tough weather.

Thanks Deedee those tornadoes are never fun and plenty scary.

Marnie-I think we have had tornadoes in the winter. They seem to strike anytime they please now.

Elise-I cannot imagine going without power for 5 days. No, just can't imagine it.

Milah-I'm glad you haven't had any bad weather yet. My plants did weather it out pretty good. There were a few large limbs laying around them but they are okay.

Thanks Kanak I'm glad you like the refreshing look after a storm. It does look so pretty.

Tangerine Kitty-I don't care for them much myself. I'm glad you like the yard.

Catherine-Oh those sires use to scare me so bad when I was little. Out where I live now we can't hear them.

flydragon-Luckily I live north of where it was the worst. You are so right, now I guess we all watch what is happening across the country when it comes to the weather.

Thanks Marmee weather can be pretty tough at times.

Lanny-I'm sorry the new season has been tough on your pocket book. I hope it gets better for you.

Dirt Princess-You got that much rain!?!?!? I can't even imagine that! Hope you stay high and dry too! I think we are suppose to have storms again tonight.

Jacquie-I thought about you when my power was out. I don't know how you guys managed.

Becca-12" of rain just blows my mind. I don't know how much we got but it wasn't near that. Goodness!!

Thanks Jen-I had rather have a storm in the daytime than at night.

Leedra said...

Glad you made it through the storm fine. Nice morning after photos of your yard.

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Photography By Leedra

Susie said...

Thanks Leedra to me the morning after a storm is always so pretty and clean looking.

Garden4Life said...

Our weather alarm has been going off almost daily this past week. It's that time of year! I'm reminded that I need to clean out our "safe room" (which is our bedroom closet) I have school books piled in there for the coming homeschool used book sale. It makes for cramped quarters when we have to take shelter.

Great pics! The beauty of things after a storm reminds me of my own life storms..Yucky going though it, but oh how things bloom out afterwords. :) Thanks!

Ginger said...

Susie, can you believe it's raining again now??

I love your pictures from when the power was out. It's neat that you saw beauty and opportunity in the midst of a frustrating situation.

Have a great weekend!

Rose said...

Susie, I'm so glad you are okay! Tornadoes are so frightening! A really bad one went through the next town 13 years ago and nearly destroyed everything. Anyone who lived through that one still panics when tornado sirens go off. Having the power go off is inconvenient and a hardship at times, but I'm sure you'd rather have that than the damage from a storm. I've been watching the news about Fargo; I pray everyone there will be all right.

Susie said...

Ginger-I can't believe it's raining again. I hope we don't have any storms tonight. Right now it is thundering pretty good tho. Hope you have a good weekend. Stay warm, I can't believe it's suppose to get down to 39.

Rose-Oh yes, I had much rather be without power than have damage from a tornado.

Susie said...

G4L-Girl, you better make sure you get that safe room cleaned out! My laundry room still has blankets and pillows in it. We have storms again tonight!

Anonymous said...

The folks in my Fargo are in my thoughts & prayers right now Susie. I'm glad your storm passed leaving you safe & sound.

jen said...

geesh!! Hope you heart is back to it's normal rhythm!!

My Dad went through a wicked tornado when he was young. His home was leveled and his brother was killed. When I was growing up, when it looked like we might get a storm, my Dad would pace the floor. So happy that it passed you by!!!

Your gardens look so lovely!! I can't wait to see our trees budding here!!

Have a great weekend!!


Bren said...

I am super jealous of your foxglove. I can never get those to grow.
Happy Spring - Can't wait to see more photos.

George said...

I'm glad you got through the storm with only the loss of sleep and power. I also hope that the worst is over for Fargo, but we will of course keep everyone up there in our prayers.

Daisy said...

I know how scary tornadoes can be. We spent more than one occasion waiting out the storm in our basement. Glad you came through it OK. :)