Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Walk in the Mush, erh, garden

Today I decided I had to see what was going on in my muddy backyard. So I grabbed my camera and off I go. There still isn't a lot going on but I managed a couple of shots.The Homestead verbena is a great plant! Much of it stayed around all winter without the blooms of course.It started blooming about a week or two ago. It has such a spreading effect and has evolved to this......(yes I know there are lots of leaves in my flower bed, feel free to grab a rake and come on down)!My phlox is blooming now. I have a very small patch for now but I know it will increase in size gradually.My pincushion flower has bloomed off and on every since I planted it last year. Another thing I like about this plant is how it stays evergreen for me.I know this doesn't look like much now but this is one of my sugar snap peas I planted under my new arbor. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will climb right on up my arbor and show me some great produce!Speaking of produce, remember this pot I showed in another post. I planted June bearing strawberries in it and they look happy. I did plant the rest in the ground, some are looking okay, but others, not so much.Then lastly I did manage a picture of some little tweets. They've had a hard time feeding lately because of the red-wing blackbirds that hog the feeder.

Well thanks for plodding through the mud with me. Remember if you're feet got really nasty, wear galoshes next time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Susie, thanks for the stroll through your garden. Mine actually is starting to dry up some with the sunshine & nice temps today. I planted my Scabiosa today out in the Arbor Garden. :)

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

What a refreshing walk through your garden. Lots of color coming up around your place. Until next time.....


Bren said...

Happy Spring Suzie - looks like you are enjoying some true colors! Happy Gardening!

Becky said...

Hey sissy;

I enjoyed the walk today, everything looks soooo pretty. My pansies are blooming for the first time since I planted them last fall.

I have to go in now and wash my feet....seems I have toe jam in between my toes from your mud.

Luv ya sissy girl!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful photos, Susie... Love all of the purple/pinkish flowers you have in your yard. Our Phlox isn't anywhere near ready to bloom.

When you get some strawberries, send some to me...Yum!!!

Jacquie said...

It's looking a lot like Spring to me. Can't wait to see how those strawberries do in your little sweet pot.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I enjoyed the walk! How lucky that your pincushion stayed evergreen. Mine aren't looking so good right now. I can't wait to see my peas start to sprout.

Lanny said...

galoshes for sloshes. I need spikes on the bottom of my boots here.

Sorry 'bout the berries not doing well.

Darla said...

Lovely purples here Susie. Great idea with the strawberry plant!

Anonymous said...

I love the pincushion blooms especially!

Susie said...

Racquel-I know they will look lovely in your arbor garden. Look forward to seeing the photos.

Thanks Jen-As the season progresses I hope to show you lots more color.

Thanks Bren-Happy spring to you too!

Bec-Oooh, toe mud???

Betsy-I'll put you on my to "send" list when the strawberries ripen!!!

Thanks Jacquie hopefully they will do well. I'm going to put something a little more colorful in the other two.

Catherine-I've never grown these peas before so I am very excited about seeing them.

Hey Lanny sorry for the need of spikes. If I wore them here I'd be stuck all day! haha!!

Thanks Darla-I noticed as I was taking those pictures how everything seemed purple/pink in color.

Mildred-I'm glad you liked the pincushion flower. It's a nice, low maintenance plant to grow.

Milah said...

I don't mind getting my shoes dirty, it comes with the territory.;D
I planted several pincushion plants last spring and I really enjoyed them. I hope they come back this year...

I've been out checking flower beds myself and keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for the tour.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Susie, I'm trying the sugar snap peas for the first time this year. Mine aren't planted yet.

I grew strawberries in a window box last year. They did well, the new plants trailed over the sides and were cute.

Rose said...

I've tracked a lot of mud into my house these past few days, too, Susie:)

Your garden looks like spring, for sure--what a treat! I planted some Homestead Verbena last year and loved it. It's not supposed to be hardy here, but I've got my fingers crossed that maybe a few roots managed to survive the winter. I'm amazed your pincushion flower has bloomed since last year; I'm just hoping mine comes back this year.

flydragon said...

Hi Susie,
Great tour once again and without muddy shoes (for me, not for you) Love what you decided to plant in the little pot, can't wait to see all those strawberries hanging out:)

beckie said...

Susie, muddy or not it was a lovely garden tour. Your Verbena is so pretty. I wish we could keep it here. I'd been wondering if you'd planted your buckets yet. I think the strawbeeries should do well in it. And I love that you've planted and edible pea on your arbor. A 2 for 1!

Ginger said...

Pretty flowers! I'll come rake some leaves out of your bed if I can have some of that verbena :)

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

I just love Homestead Verbena. It is so hardy and looks so delicate. It looks like Spring is at your house even if the calendar hasn't quite caught up yet. I love your very Springy blog design.

Leedra said...

I will remember to put on my galoshes next time I come to visit. Sometimes we just have to get on out there, even if it still muddy.

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Terri said...

Don;t you just love spring! :)

deedee said...

I am impressed. Those strawberries are from seeds! It only takes one strawberry plant to take ahold. You'll have millions :)eventually from just one.

Susie said...

Milah-You are welcome! Don't you just little discoveries in the garden?

Marnie-I'm hoping for the same thing. I want to see the little strawberries trailing too!

Rose-I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that verbena will come back. I don't know if it's the pincushion flowers habit to bloom or if it is from my milder winter.

flydragon-I'm glad you enjoyed the tour and was able to keep the toesies clean!

Thanks Beckie-I'm pretty sure I'm going to plant orange million bells in my green pot and rosy red with a little yellow center in my yellow one. We have the most beautiful orange one this year at work. As soon as I saw it, I said yep, gotta have it.

Ginger-Feel free to come and get verbena, no rake required!

MGRR-Thank you. I don't think you can beat that homestead verbena. It has done very well in my garden.

Leedra-Girl, ain't it the truth. I think my garden calls my name when I haven't visited.

Terri-You know there isn't a better season!

Deedee-My strawberrys were roots, not seeds. I'm hopeful the ones in the ground will do good.

Miss Sandy said...

What a pretty muck about! Love all the pretty purple flowers. We are just getting all the pretty blooms and I keep tromping off into the woods to check the wild dog woods. Today I saw a most amazing sight of beauty to me on a lawn I passed. I am going to go back tomorrow with a camera and then I will share it!

Yes, that is my barn. I guess I never thought it was interesting enough to show. I will post a full shot soon. It is pretty much covered with old signs that we collected here and there over the years.

It looks like your rainy day blues have passed! Yep, you passed them along to us. I am hoping for a sliver of sunshine tomorrow.

George said...

I'm glad you ventured out into your back yard. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

Ginger said...

Thank you for putting my blog on your "Places I enjoy visiting" list! I love visiting yours -esp. since you're local! I really would love some of your verbena, but do you think fall would be the best time to divide?
Are you sure you don't want some of my parrot lily? :)

Kanak Hagjer said...

Susie, you've got some great looking flowers! I really don't mind the mud if I get to see these views:-) Lovely yellow pot with strawberry plant looks good enough to eat!

Hope you have a 'dry' weekend!

Jen said...

Looks like a happy yard so far to me.
We are starting over in our flower bed this year-I have no idea what to do, but it needs a makeover.
Happy first day of Spring to you Susie!

Connie said...

Looks like lots of happy things going on in your garden. What zone do you garden in? Spring is slow to arrive for us this year. I keep hoping for sunshine to make things grow.
Good job on the peas! I started some in peat pellets and set them out this week, which keeps the seed from rotting in the cool wet soil.

TC said...

Do they make a comfortable pair?? A pair that don't feel like your feet are baking in a 350 degree oven?? A pair that's not too feminine nor masculine looking? ;~)

Elise said...

It amazes me how early you have blooms in the south. I will have to wait for May or June to see my phlox bloom.

Susie said...

You are welcome George-glad you enjoyed my walk.

Ginger-You are welcome, like you I enjoy finding MS bloggers. Just to let you know Dorothy at Counting my Blessings(on my list) is another MS blogger. Right now she is on hiatus but will be back right after Easter. She takes beautiful pictures. I think I can clip off some of the verbena and start it in a pot for you. I'm not sure I know what Parrot Lily is. I'll look it up on the internet and let you know.

Kanak-I see you changed your avatar. I like it! The last 4 days have been gorgeous and sunny. I've been trying to do some things in my backyard but it is still mushy.

Jen-Well I look forward to hearing about your garden. It's always fun to restart beds.

Connie-I garden in zone 8. It's pretty warm down here so things get an early start.I used peat pellets last year for some of my plants. I wish I had this year.

TC-Gee, I'm not sure where I might find a pair of galoshes like that. Your bare feet might work better.

Elise-We may have the earlier blooming season but I'm sure you have a lot more comfortable of a summer.

Daisy said...

It is so good to see all your flowers blooming away, Susie. It is pretty early here yet for very much in bloom. There are lots of leaves in my flower bed too, so I won't be complaining about any in yours! HA! Have a great day! :D

texasdaisey said...

Hi Susie, I am out about visiting some of my blogging friends today. I just love seeing everyone's garden pictures and the little critters too. I am so looking forward to when spring really puts on the show. Yours promises to be beautiful and already has so many pretty blooms. Enjoyed it.