Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Been gone so long.

My goodness I can't believe how long it has been since I've blogged. Facebook and life has definitely gotten in the way of my posting.

Life has changed and continues to change. After our home sold (after 14 months) we moved in with my mil. Now we are moving again   to AR. So excited and anxious about it.I'm from AR and look forward to being closer to my mom and family there.

Still working for the airlines and loving it. I've seen so much of this beautiful country we live in. God is so good to have given us such beauty. Seeing it from the sky is so different from the ground.

I'm leaving BWI and heading to HOU for my base. Should help with my commuting which has been horrible. At times it has taken me over a 1/2 day to commute.

Hope all my former blogging friends(and some fb friends) are all doing good. I'm sure, like me, all will be glad when winter is over.

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