Thursday, February 12, 2009

Garden Suprises!!!

Like everyone who enjoys gardening I've been going out to check my flower beds on a regular basis. I enjoy pulling back a little mulch from around my perennials and finding just a tad bit of greenery. It tells me Ms. Spring is on her way even tho we are still in the middle of winter. But unlike the shy little sprouts waiting on the warmth of the Mr. Sun, this beauty shouts out, "Look at me, winter or not, here I come"!This is my saucer magnolia(Magnolia x soulangiana) that I planted late summer last year. It had been in a large pot at work and it was decided to remove it. So, of course I brought it home, cut half of it's roots off, watered it in good and hoped for the best. I guess the winter rains helped it settle in.In this picture you can see the progression of the bloom soaking up some of the warm sunshine we've been experiencing.This was what it looked like yesterday. I love the color of the bloom! I decided to smell of it since I know the big, white blooms of magnolia grandiflora smell so great. Much to my surprise, this blooms smells just as lovely but not quite as strong as the other. There are several more blooms on it that I am looking forward to seeing. Another beauty(to me anyway) showing lots of new growth was this...This is a cypress tree that was in my yard when I bought the house. It's not real big but has this vibrant yellowy/green growth all over it. Then I've had a few visitors to the bird bath recently.One of my favorites, Mr. Bluebird. These are the sweetest little things.As you can see, he was enjoying his bath much.

Well that is as about as exciting as it gets for now. Hope you enjoyed my garden surprises. Stay tuned for more. Also, don't forget to sign up for my giveaway in my last post. Here's hoping everyone finds little surprises in their gardens.


bennie and patsy said...

It looks like Spring has come to your home. We just put up our blue bird house. Hope they find it this year.

Anonymous said...

That blue bird is precious splish-splashing! We have 2 saucer magnolias that were here when we moved in. They are usually the first things to bloom and are so very pretty and colorful. Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day Susie.

Milah said...

How sweet that bluebird looks and lucky for you to have caught that moment.

Miss Sandy said...

The blooms are so lovely! I have been enjoying the blue birds too. I love seeing your splashing about in the bird bath, so cute. I am getting antsy for the first wild violet to appear on the hillside and then I will officially declare it spring!

Thank you for your sweet comment on the valentine's. To answer you question, I have been making things pretty much my whole life. I used to sell my creations traveling around to shows and I had booths in three flea markets and one high end antique store. My husband and I used to make things from architectural salvage and I also sold hand painted furniture. Now I just play with stuff, mostly words these days, but perhaps I will go back to doing some of that one day.

George said...

Please, please send some of your warmer weather up this way. We're starting to see some plants push their way up through the ground, but we're no way near having any blossoms.

Darla said...

Beautiful! Just dropped the shears on my big toe, going for a tetnus shot this afternoon. You need to read Muddyboots blog.

Dorothy said...

Good Morning Susie,
These are wonderful pictures of your garden surprises! Love the Bluebird in the bath and the Saucer Magnolia!

Elise said...

I am sooooo jealous of your warm weather and your beautiful plants. your Magnloia is just beautiful.

Carol said...

It's great to see some signs that spring can't be far away. My tulips are starting to come up.

Anonymous said...

Another success story! I would love to have a Saucer Magnolia in my garden, I always admire my neighbors every spring when it blooms! ;)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Susie, Great pictures!!! I can't wait for spring to get HERE.. We do have some daffodils/jonquils popping up.

Love your angel birdbath... Neat!!! I also love seeing that bluebird. Hope ours come back to nest in my yard this spring.


Jen said...

I just had a rush of warmth run over me as I read about your magnolia.
Hurray up spring!!!!

Lanny said...

That blossom is gorgeous I think I can smell it. Sweet little bluebird indeed.

Daisy said...

Hi Susie! Just trying to get caught up on reading blogs. Love the flowers and bluebird--welcome signs of spring. :)

KOSTAS said...
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Jacquie said...

Yep, it looks like Spring is coming to me!! I'm ready for the colors!

Rose said...

I did find a surprise today, Susie! A few green shoots barely out of the ground--now I'm wondering what they might be, maybe crocus because it's much too early for anything else here.
Your magnolia tree is beautiful--spring must certainly be on the way for you.

Susie said...

Bennie and Patsy-Thanks for visiting my blog. We haven't gotten a blue bird house yet but we need to. I hope you have many families with yours.

Mildred-Aren't those little blue birds cute? They love our bird bath which I am so grateful they do. I love having free entertainment.

Milah-I wish I could get a better picture but they are very skittish. So I have to take the pictures of them thru the kitchen window.

Sandy-No wonder you are so creative with all that experience behind you.

George I will try to send you some warmer weather. It is leaving us tomorrow so maybe you'll be getting it.

Thanks Darla-Girl you better watch dropping things like that on your toes. I'm glad you went and got a tetanus shot.

Thanks Dorothy I just wish I could get great pics like you do.

Thanks Elise maybe you'll be getting some warmer weather soon.

Racquel-No time like the present to get a saucer magnolia.

Betsy-I'm sure if you have had blue birds before you will again.

Jen-I'm glad to share the warmth with you anytime.

Lanny I was surprised that the little bloom had such a lovely fragrance.

Daisy-I sure hope your mom continues to do well. I'm glad you enjoyed my photos.

Jacquie-I am so ready for spring colors too!

Rose-I bet you did find a crocus. Love those little surprises!

Terri said...

Great photos! They make me feel like spring is here! :) I love the magnolia - and the bluebird.

Becky said...

What a beautiful suprise!!! I didn't know cypress trees had flowers on them. My neighbor down the street has a cypress tree and I'm going to pay closer attention this spring to see the blooms.

Hey, tell your cute little bluebird to fly on over to your sisters house and he can go ice skating in her bird bath...hee hee hee!

TC said...

When the first magnolias open here, you can almost guarantee they'll be one more frost.

Susie said...

Terri-Thanks I'm glad you liked the photos.

Bec-I don't think these are really blooms just new growth waiting to grow.

TC-It's sad to say but that happens here too. Usually the Bradford pears are all out in force too and then Mr. Frosty takes them all away. So sad.

Naturegirl said...

Susie when flowers bloom the heart feels light and you sure have reason to be excited! A true sign of Spring on the way!!

Roses and Lilacs said...

What a beautiful color on the magnolia. I usually see pale pink and white ones.

Loved the bluebird photo.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Your magnolia blooms are gorgeous! Love that colour! Great photo the bird splashing away.

The pretty hibiscus on your header--what is it called? I photographed one today at a horticultural show. The bloom reminded me of your header photo.

Have a lovely weekend. And a Happy Valentine's!

Valerie said...

Beautiful pictures. I don't remember how I found you but I love your blog.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Great pictures Susie! I love seeing the bud, then the flower! Garden surprises are so exciting!

Johnnny said...

Hi from Fargo where it's definitely not Spring yet. I really like your site. Currently, I am listening to Fleetwood Mac off your little playlist (a very cool feature that I need to try to add to my recently new site). I also like how you show the progression of your flowers opening up and Mr. Bluebird! Happy Valentine's Day from Johnnny in Fargo.

Susie said...

Thanks Nature Girl you are so right. Blooms do make the heart feel lighter and happy.

Marnie-This particular bloom does look a bit more darker than some I have seen too.

Kanak-I'm not sure what the name of that hibiscus is. Isn't that terrible? It's a perennial but the cultivar slips my mind.

Valerie-I'm glad you like my photos and thanks for visiting my blog.

Linda-Garden surprises are fun aren't they?!?!?

Johnny-Thanks for visiting my blog. I see you are up there in Fargo. Brrrh! You should definitely add playlist to your site. It's lots of fun picking out the songs.

jen said...

Love the color of the magnolia flowers!! I have a magnolia that sits just outside our kitchen window. I get so excited each spring when it starts to bloom!! We have another bout of freezing cold coming our way. Eeeeek...I so long for spring!